Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Vs Residential Vacuum: Which One to Choose?

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Sep. 05, 2022

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Some cleaning professionals wonder whether it really makes a big difference whether they choose a commercial hoover over one made for residential cleaning.


After all, the machines sold by large retailers for domestic use look important and are attractively priced. But are they the best machines for commercial use?


At Outan Environmental Protection, the nation's leading commercial equipment specialist, we are committed to providing high performance equipment for a more streamlined job. To provide more information, we have broken down the top 5 reasons to use a commercial vacuum cleaner.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Charge Type)

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Charge Type)


How a typical commercial cacuum cleaner works and what to look out for?

vacuum cleaner uses air to create a suction vortex inside the machine. Just as we draw in air through a straw, vacuum cleaners draw in air and debris through a hose or agitator. The attachable power head and brush at the end of the hoover hose help to capture dust and debris on surfaces such as window sills and kitchen cabinets and make surfaces shine.


Whether you are using a commercial or residential vacuum cleaner, when hoover hoses or agitators become clogged with debris or hair they can still clog, rendering them virtually useless. Make sure you check that the hose or agitator is not clogged so that your vacuum cleaner operates fully and efficiently. If the machine "breathes in" too much dust, the The vacuum filter can also become clogged. Check the filter regularly to avoid burning out the vacuum cleaner motor.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Hand Push Type)

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Hand Push Type)


Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Vs A Residential Vacuum

Typically, commercial vacuum cleaners are used to service and clean commercial sized buildings. They are available as upright and canister vacuums, and they tend to be larger and more robust than typical domestic vacuums - they are designed to last for a while. They generally have longer cords (most are 3-wire grounded strings), stronger dust collection bags, greater capacity and more suction power.


However, residential vacuums are cheaper and are often used in residential or small office spaces. These vacuums are smaller, less robust and have less storage capacity.


1. Commercial vacuum cleaners focus on performance.

Many residential vacuums will claim they can do what commercial vacuum cleaners can also do - often this is not the case. Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed for heavy use and outperform regular hoovers, offering greater suction power, motor power, cleaning capacity and even greater energy efficiency.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Charge Type)

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Charge Type)

2. They are built to last.

Durability is one of the biggest reasons why professionals prefer commercial-grade vacuum cleaners. Because they are built for heavy use, they are expected to withstand harsher environments and have a longer service life. Robust commercial vacuum cleaners with innovative features can last for years, whereas residential vacuum cleaners require frequent repairs and maintenance. Industrial vacuum cleaners can also be used to remove harmful particles in more challenging and even more demanding cleaning conditions.


3. There are many options.

Commercial machines often vary considerably to meet the needs of specific users. They come in many different sizes and include a variety of features and accessories that allow you to perform any cleaning job with maximum efficiency, while remaining cost conscious. There are other ergonomic options, such as backpack vacuums. They come in a lightweight variety to ensure quality performance while maximising productivity.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Charge Type)

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (Charge Type)

4. They have better health benefits.

Commercial vacuum cleaners often have high performance filtration systems such as HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. These types of hoovers can be used for health-critical applications, such as the relief of respiratory allergies. The filters improve air quality, trapping allergens, dust and small solid particles and ensuring that what is inhaled stays in. 


5. Commercial vacuum cleaners are cost effective.

Commercial vacuum cleaners may cost more initially, but they are a great investment. Because they are more durable, they require fewer repairs, have fewer maintenance issues and last longer. High quality commercial vacuum cleaners have proven to be more reliable in this regard and will continue to be an asset in your cleaning tool arsenal for many years to come.

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