How to Choose a Rice Cooker?

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Mar. 09, 2023

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Principle of electric rice cooker.


Structure of ordinary rice cooker: Ordinary rice cooker is mainly composed of heating plate, temperature limiter, keep warm switch, lever switch, current limiting resistor, indicator light, socket, etc.


When the rice is cooked, the water in the rice cooker will evaporate and turn from liquid to gas. Objects from the liquid state to the gaseous state, to absorb a certain amount of energy, called "latent heat". At this time, the temperature will remain at the boiling point. Until the water evaporates, the temperature of the rice cooker will rise again. The rice cooker has a thermometer and electronic parts inside, and when it finds that the temperature rises again, it will automatically stop cooking.


Rice cooker purchase.


1. To choose some excellent brand products according to their economic strength.


How to Choose a Rice Cooker?


2. Choose the function.


You can choose a variety of functions in one rice cooker, so you can not only save money, but also make effective use of home space. Rice cooker not only has the function of cooking rice, porridge, stew, and can also make cakes, and some pressure cookers can boil chicken without water.


3. Consider its power consumption problems.


There are a lot of rice cookers with alabaster inner lining, although this inner lining of the rice cooker boy cooking soup and porridge has certain advantages, and in the cooking and heating process does not produce harmful substances, alabaster is also rich in a variety of minerals beneficial to human health, but compared with the common use of metal inner lining of rice cookers, alabaster inner lining takes longer to cook rice, and power consumption is relatively large.


4. Safety issues.


In the purchase must check whether the product has a 3C logo, including the plug and power cord should also have this logo, and then check the product manual, the regular manual should be printed with the product name, trademark, model, rated voltage, frequency, power, manufacturer or seller, the manual is clearly printed, the manufacturer, address, telephone, maintenance matters should be clearly marked, should also be equipped with a warranty card, packing parts list The manual should be clearly printed, the manufacturer, address, telephone, maintenance matters should be clearly marked, should be equipped with a warranty card, packing parts list, factory certificate, etc. In addition to check whether the power cord is double insulated, whether the core is greater than or equal to 0.75 square millimeters.


5. Appearance.


Observe the appearance from different angles for scratches, deformation, etc., whether the joints of the parts are smooth, whether the coating of the inner liner is uniform.


6. Whether the button is sensitive.


Touch the function button up and down several times with your hand to see if the magnets are good, under normal circumstances, press down and pull up with a crisp "ta" sound, and finally turn on the power, press the function selection button, see if the indicator light is on, touch the heating plate with your hand to feel if it is hot.


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