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How To Wash a Raincoat

Author: venusgeng

Feb. 27, 2023


How to wash a raincoat? Raincoat suppliers will share this article with you.

With a good women's raincoat, you can survive the rain in style. Bad weather will also cost you, and your coat needs to be cleaned from time to time. Even if you walk on a sidewalk soaked in rain, the back of your raincoat will be stained with dirt. How do you restore its rain-proof luster? Some rain gear has special needs for washing, and you may need to go dry cleaning. Here are some useful tips for washing raincoats.




How to wash off stains on raincoats


If there are some stains on the surface of your raincoat, try to wipe them off with a wet paper towel. Soak the sponge in water and vinegar. For stubborn stains, or to clean the seams and around the zipper, use a toothbrush dipped in soapy water to gently scrub.

Plastic raincoats, like the kind your child might wear, can also be cleaned with soap and sponges. If the coat is really dirty, fill the sink with water, add half a cup of baking soda, and soak for about an hour. Finally, rinse thoroughly.


How to wash a raincoat


Can you wash a raincoat in the washing machine? This is a valid question, and we are happy to say that it is possible! However, before throwing the raincoat in the washing machine, please check (and follow) its label description. You may find that your raincoat can be washed in a washing machine, but some jackets require special detergents that will not weaken the waterproof coating. Some can be cleaned like other things in your closet.

Also, don't wash your raincoat often. If it doesn't look dirty or smells bad, just hang it in the closet and put it on again. Repeated washing will weaken the ability of the jacket to prevent wet through, so don't rush to wash it after each use.

Prepare a washing machine-safe rain coat by zipping up, fastening all buttons, and closing all velcro openings to prevent damage. If you can use ordinary detergent to wash, then choose a kind of delicate clothes that are not bleached. However, do not use fabric softener, as it will destroy the waterproof treatment.

Before wearing a raincoat, be sure to clean the washing powder dispenser of the washing machine to remove old residue. As a small padding, add a few towels to keep it safe during the spinning process. If you have an efficient top loader, don't forget to check the user manual, because some models cannot handle waterproof clothing.

Don't forget that men's raincoats are usually not ironed. High temperatures can destroy the coating that remains dry, and the plastic coating can become a melted sticky substance. Instead, hang your coat on a hanger or let it lay flat to reduce wrinkles.

If it doesn't work, try putting a cotton cloth on your jacket and ironing it. You can also spray several times to remove deep-set creases, but never let the iron directly touch the jacket. Or, you can cover your jacket with a bath towel, or you can even try blasting wrinkles with a hair dryer set on low.


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