How to Wear Raincoat Correctly?

Author: venusgeng

Mar. 29, 2023


We can clearly trace the use of flight jackets and windbreakers for military purposes, but the story of raincoats is unclear. Clothing designed to protect the wearer from rain can be traced back to ancient China, but the materials used (such as bamboo) are far from the current design of the jacket.

On the contrary, its appearance seems to correspond to the invention of waterproof materials—just fusing two pieces of fabric to rubber. Throughout the second half of the 20th century, the raincoat lost its usefulness and the umbrella was transferred to the sidelines of the clothing industry.

However, today, its return has three key factors. One of them, many seemingly ordinary men's clothing products have high-tech features, such as moisture wicking, wear resistance and water repellency, thereby enhancing their daily value. Secondly, the silhouettes and features based on work clothes have penetrated into the streetwear world, so that no one has much praise for wide work clothes and shirt jackets. Third, with streetwear as the theme again, the outdoor clothing market.

So, how do men wear raincoats?


Men's Long PU Raincoat for Riding


1. A raincoat should be worn


Unless you often live in hot and humid climates, your Men Long PU Raincoat should have a certain amount of space to wear on a hoodie, sweatshirt, or lightweight bomber.

Note the hard shell of the outdoor industry: these jackets are lightweight and packable, ready to be deployed on the clothes you are wearing.


2. Avoid using too hard vintage raincoat


Whether the material itself adds some elasticity in key areas (may be based on a typical soft shell jacket) or has linings in certain key areas, the raincoat will never restrict your activities. After all, you have to commute and explore on this matter.


Mens Pu Raincoat

Mens Pu Raincoat


3. Keep your raincoat packable


For the debris outside, if the jacket is definitely to keep you dry, find something compact. Ideally, it should be packed in its own pocket or a separate bag, which is usually located inside.

This way, you can keep it in a backpack or cross-body bag and keep it there until the storm begins.


4. Wear a fully waterproof raincoat


Windbreakers are usually waterproof, and a hard shell is the difference between the two. In addition to the daily adventurous design, the hard case also tends to be completely waterproof (essentially for immersion in water and use in harsher humid conditions), and is completely sealed with seams, so moisture will not penetrate.

However, at the same time, please make sure that the Mens PU Raincoat does not lock the heat inside, because many waterproof materials can make the jacket fall.

In this case, in addition to matching the colors, look for a large enough fit to slide on your suit without looking bulky. You don't want to feel uncomfortable, but wrinkled clothes look unprofessional.


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