The Best Makeup Brushes or The Best Tips for Using Them?

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Aug. 19, 2022

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1. Do synthetic brushes or animal bristles work better?

2. What makeup brushes do I need for a complete look?

3. Why are brushes with the same function different in shape? Is there any difference in the way to use them?

4. How should I clean my makeup brushes?

5. What are the best makeup brushes to use?


Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes


01. Do synthetic brushes or animal bristles work better?

The material of makeup brushes is mainly divided into artificial fiber bristles and animal hair. In fact, it is difficult to compare the two, because artificial hair and animal hair have their own characteristics.

ㆍArtificial fiber hair

Features: affordable, flexible, and resistant to cleaning.

ㆍanimal hair

Features: expensive, strong powder grip, not easy to maintain, more delicate.

The choice of makeup brush material depends on which area of the face it is used for and the specific role. For example, eyebrow brushes are generally chosen from artificial fiber bristles because they are hard and can draw sharp lines.

Like the loose powder brush will generally choose animal hair, because its bristles are soft, sweep the whole face when the skin feels good, take the powder ability is also very strong, can help us quickly set the makeup.


02. What makeup brushes do I need for a complete look?

A complete makeup look requires a foundation brush, concealer brush, loose powder brush, blush brush, contouring brush, highlighter brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush.


03. Why are brushes with the same function different in shape? Is there any difference in the way to use them?

The reason why the brushes have different shapes is to match the different textures of the makeup items and to better interpret different makeup looks. Next, we will introduce you to the common brush shapes according to the types of brushes.

ㆍFoundation brush

Foundation brushes are generally divided into three types, respectively, flat-headed brushes, round-headed brushes and flat-headed brushes.

 Flat-head brush: The flat-head brush has distinct bristles and is suitable for use with thinner textured foundations. It has less hanging powder, which is good for controlling the amount and creating a light, natural look. It is recommended to apply the foundation from top to bottom, in an inside-out order so that it is not easy to fake. If it is a quick-drying foundation, you need to be faster with your hands, otherwise there will be visible brush marks.

Round-ended brush: The round-ended brush has shorter bristles, which are arranged more closely, and can be used with foundations or creams that are more viscous in texture. It usually spreads the foundation in the form of circular motions, which allows it to fit the skin better and create a matte finish.

Flat brush: The flat brush has denser bristles that easily cover pores and a large brush surface area that can quickly spread out the foundation. It is recommended to apply makeup in a point and poke manner to create a ssoft-focusmakeup effect, which is friendly to novices.

ㆍConcealer Brush

If you have a good foundation, you can skip this step. But if you are blemished skin that step is very important. The concealer makeup brush is generally divided into a tongue-shaped brush and a pointed brush.

Tongue brush: The tongue brush has short, stiff bristles and compact bristles that are suitable for covering large areas such as dark circles under the eyes, the nose and the corners of the mouth. It is recommended to use a small number of dots to cover the imperfections on the face so that it is more natural and does not look heavy.

The tip brush: The tip brush is flat and thin, with a slim brush head, which is suitable for covering acne.

ㆍPowder Brush

 Round brush: The round brush has a rounded head, with a lot of fluffy bristles, so it is easy to dip in a lot of powder and is suitable for sweeping the whole face. The bristles are thick and even, and it is recommended to apply makeup in a pressed way to make the skin look clearer.

ㆍBlush Brush

Tapered brush: The tapered brush has long and loosely arranged bristles, with a weak grip on the powder, so don't worry, it becomes a red-ass brush with a heavy hand. It is recommended that the brush be used to stain the apples from the inside out in a circular motion so that it can produce a good color.

ㆍRefinishing Brush    

Angled brush: The angled brush has a beveled design, which fits the face better and gives a more natural effect. Because of its large size, it can be used to modify fleshy cheeks, high cheekbones and a wide forehead. It is recommended to sweep from the area close to the hair towards the inside of the face so that there will be a dark to light touch-up effect.

Horseshoe brush: The horseshoe brush is much thinner than the angled brush and has shorter bristles for localized touch-ups.

ㆍHighlighting brush

Fan-shaped brush: The fan-shaped brush is thinner from the side and has a narrower contact area with the face, so it can sweep out a sense of line, which is good for playing on cheekbones and brow bones to highlight the three-dimensional sense of features.

Fire brush: The brush head of the fire brush is more pointed, the bristles are well-defined, the powder will be more even, and the face will be more natural. And the bristles are very loose, so it's good for sweeping large areas of the face in the highlighting area.


High End Black Makeup Brush Set OEM

High End Black Makeup Brush Set OEM


Eyeshadow Brush

There are more models of eyeshadow brushes, so I'll share three kinds of brushes that are used more often, namely the color spreading brush, the smudge brush, and the detail brush.

The color laying brush: the color laying brush is a flat head shape, short and dense row of hair, easy to grasp the powder, often used for large areas of the eye color laying. It can also be used to layer other eye shadows to add layers to your eye makeup. The recommended application technique is to sweep the brush from the end of the eye to the head of the eye for a clean look.

Smudge Brush: The Smudge Brush is a fluffy fire brush with loosely arranged bristles. It is recommended to smudge the border between color blocks and eye shadows in a circular motion to create a gradient effect and increase the charm of the eyes.

Detail Brush: The detail brush is a flat, short-bristled brush with a dense arrangement of bristles that allows us to control the intensity. It can be drawn on the triangle at the end of the eyes to add depth to the eyes, or against the roots of the eyelashes to create the effect of eyeliner.

ㆍBrow Brush

Spiral brush: The spiral brush is often used to groom messy eyebrows, making even wild eyebrows shapely, and it can also stain eyebrow powder, making it friendly to newcomers.

Beveled brush: The beveled brush has shorter bristles and is suitable for partial use. Makeup technology is a bit high, suitable for veteran makeup drivers.

ㆍLip brush

The tip of the brush: the tip of the brush is very fine, and can help us outline the delicate lip shape. Those who have thin lips can expand the lip line and visually make their mouths full. Sisters with larger mouths can use it to draw a gradual lip-biting look, weakening the edges of the lip line and making the mouth smaller.


04. How should I clean my makeup brushes?

In order to keep your makeup brushes clean and hygienic, it is recommended to clean them once every 1~2 weeks. If the brushes are in contact with liquid makeup products, it is recommended to clean them once every 1-3 days, otherwise, they tend to accumulate together and breed bacteria.

Note one

Use cold water to clean, otherwise, the hair will easily blow up. It is best to use professional brush washing products to wash difficult stains, do not use Daiso powder puff cleaning agent to wash the brush, it is specifically washed powder puff cleaning products, not used to wash the brush.

Note two

The head of the brush to go down to wash, otherwise, the tube of the brush is easy to open and glue over time.

Note three

After washing, remember to put the brush head down and place it in a cool place to dry, never stand it in the sun or dry it with a hair dryer, which will make the bristles blow up and deform.


05. What are the best makeup brushes to use?

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