The Best Nipple Covers to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction

Author: Hou

Feb. 08, 2023


Every woman needs three under-appreciated items in her undergarments drawer: nipple covers, pasties, and a good strapless bra. While you probably won't wear them as often as a regular bra, they're incredibly helpful to have on hand for weddings, special occasions, and tricky tops and dresses.

So to help you look your best and feel more confident, we've rounded up some helpful tips on how to find the best nipple covers for every outfit.


Types of Nipple Covers


Thankfully, there are a number of options to choose from if you need to go braless— but not all nipple covers are created alike. Certain styles of nipple cover are better than others depending on your bust size, skin tone, and the fit and fabric of the clothes you're wearing. To ensure you find the right nipple covers for what you're wearing, let's break down the different types of nipple concealers and when you should use each style.




Fancy Lace flower nipple covers


When most people think of nipple covers, they probably think of good old pasties. Unlike the sequin and tassel pasties, you'd find at a lingerie shop or burlesque show, these small round or petal-shaped adhesive coverings are designed to be invisible under clothing. There are two styles to choose from single-use or reusable silicone pasties.

Adhesive Bra

Thanks to their versatility and easy application, adhesive bras are one of the most popular ways to cover your nipples. The stick-on cups provide more support and shaping than silicone and slightly less coverage than a strapless bra.

One reusable bra can last through multiple uses with proper care, and most products are relatively budget-friendly. You'll want to hand wash the invisible bra with mild soap and cold water immediately after each use and hang it to air dry. To extend the life of your reusable nipple covers, be sure to be gentle with the adhesive and always store the bra in its protective packaging between wears.

While they're great for backless dresses and sheer clothing, they aren't suitable for layering under swimwear or unlined bras. Additionally, these products tend to come unstuck and slip if you start to sweat in hot weather conditions and on sweaty dance floors.

Breast Tape


Breast Lifting Tape


Breast tape or booby tape is exactly what it sounds like: a roll of skin-colored adhesive tape that can be used to cover your nipples and lift your breasts in tricky garments. The strips can be cut and placed to your liking, meaning coverage and support is completely customizable.

Plus, breast tape is one of the best nipple concealing solutions for busty women. While no bra alternative can provide the support of a real bra, breast tape can help to lift and shape larger breasts. There are countless YouTube tutorials offering step-by-step instructions for application, including special tutorials for supporting larger cup sizes.


What Can I Use Instead Of Nipple Covers?


In a bind, you can use a few strips of tape, preferably something gentle like surgical tape, sports tape, or masking tape. While many celebrities swear by plain old duct tape, it can be irritating to sensitive skin and is typically quite painful to remove. Classic bandaids are another popular alternative to silicone pasties that work great in a pinch.


Flower Nipple Disposable Covers


Flower Nipple Covers


If caring for your pasties sounds like a hassle, stick to single-use covers like these fancy lace flower nipple disposable covers  from Zhong Aide. Their petal-shaped shape won't cause unsightly bumps and wrinkles.

To apply, simply peel off the backing and smooth the pasties over your nipples, starting from the center. Gently peel them off and toss them in the trash when you're done— no washing or special care required.

The convenient nipple covers come in lace designs in three color options. We also support customization. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!




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