What is a chenille patch?

Author: Marie

Sep. 16, 2022


You may be familiar with Chenille Patches as they are usually awarded to students or athletes for their accomplishments and placed on varsity jackets. Although there are many types of patches that are available on the market today, chenille patches have been making a recent comeback.


When you want to order a raised patch with a soft feel, you can contact us here at Your Shirts Ink. We are ready to help you create the best-customized patches for your needs in any color. You can customize these patches with some beautiful images or your logo from your any organization, school, or sports club.


Chenille comes from the French word of the caterpillar. This patch is commonly made by placing two core yarns and twisting them together. It will have a similar fuzz to the top of a caterpillar. Because of this process, chenille can have a soft and fuzzy character. The chenille can be combined with embroidery, especially when you need to execute small details on the chenille patch.


It is important for you to choose the right yarn for creating good chenille patches. These patches are commonly backed with stiffened felt. This material is very useful to attach the patches to the fabric, such as a jacket. It will create a comfortable texture for your patches.

 Chenille Patch

Things to Know About Chenille Patches


If you want to get the best chenille patches, you need to start with a beautiful design. We have professional designers are ready to create the best look for these patches. The beautiful design will deliver a great finished product for all users.


Most professional chenille patches printing companies usually have the latest software and machine, so they can produce premium chenille patches that are made from the best materials at a rapid pace. Some of the best materials include wool felt and chenille yarn. These materials are chosen because they can last for a long time. We have done all the hard work for you by finding the best partners and working with them for high volume orders to pass savings to you.


There is very little limitation on how you can customize the overall design of your patches.


Order Your Chenille Patches Today


After you are ready with your design, you can order your chenille patches from us today. We have a lot of examples from past customers. We allow you to create patches without any minimum orders. However, you need to understand that it will take us more time to fulfill big orders and cost more to supply smaller orders.


We don’t have chenille patches in stock because they need to be customized based on the customers’ needs. In most cases, we are able to complete the production process in about 2 - 3 weeks depending on your design, our availability, and our materials. The more complicated your design is, the more time we will need for customizing your patches.


You can attach these custom patches to any materials that you like, for example, fabric, jacket, T-shirt, bags, hats, etc.

Our Jiamei Labels professional designers are ready to help you create the best design for your patches. We can work with you for customizing your patches based on your color, size, and design specifications. 




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