Advantage Of Avocado Oil Press Machine

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Aug. 20, 2022



Avocado Oil Press Machine is composed of vacuum filtration system, automatic heating device and controlling system. With reasonable design and advanced performance, the product is suitable for pressing various oil seeds. It can be pressed directly, saving both time and labor, large processing and high oil yield. The quality of oil is clear and pure, without foaming and impurities. Avocado Oil Press Machine can fully realize production automation with the automatic feeding machine that produced by our company.

Technical Parameters:



Moto Power


Process Capacity






Vacuum Power



Wooden pallet with PE film


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380v, Three-Phase; 50HZ

Rotating Speed

120 RPM

Structure Material

Carbon Steel


The Advantage Of Avocado Oil Press Machine:

1. Core parts are made of high quality 20 CrMnTi alloy steel, processed with the cementite quenching and high frequency quenching and can provide the maximum oil yield rate with the minmum wearing and tearing

2. The avocado oil press machine is composed of vacuum filtration system, automatic heating device and controlling system.

3. High oil yield, about 3-5% higher than the average oil press, easy to install and operate.

avocado oil press machine characteristics:

1. Cold pressing ,light oil color, rich nutrition, pure natural oil,save refining cost;
2. Presscake's protein is damaged lightly,Oil protein will be taken full advantage of.
3. There is no any solvent, acid, alkali, bleaching earth,chemical additives, during the squeezing process;
4. High oil extraction rate;about 2-3 percent higher than old-fashioned equipment.
5. Energy saving and labor saving.


About Service:

1. Providing the spare parts with favorable price all the time 24 hours online service.

2. Our own patented technology and core R&D team

3. Professinal engineers continuously innovate the technology of the machine, do our best to offer the greatest machine in edible oil pressing field.

4. Specialized in producing oil extraction machine for 20+years, can provide whole oil press machine production line.

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