Benefits of Creating Memorial Benches for Loved Ones

Author: Hou

Aug. 20, 2022

Construction & Real Estate

Memorial benches offer a novel way to commemorate a loved one. They afford those in grief an added level of sentimentality mourners can choose a location or cause that symbolically represents their lost loved one. No longer are memorial plaques tied to existing cemeteries. For instance, surviving family members might purchase a bench at their loved ones favorite landmark, park, or restaurant. People can also buy a memorial bench as an act of charity, supporting an organization or business that was important to the departed.

While intricate gravestones can be lovely, the dollars spent on a memorial bench can support an important cause, such as national park maintenance. Memorial benches for loved ones benefit those in grief, as well as society at large. They also benefit architects and planners since these benches are paid for by donation, they present a cost-effective way to beautify an area. In these ways, memorial benches benefit many individuals. 


For most people, a memorial bench is all about personalization. Thats why it appeals to grievers. When browsing options, be sure to review the available personalization. Some benches will feature a small plaque in the center, either blank or with a standard engraving. Others allow for a line of etching into the bench itself. The text options are important as well some may want to list only a name, while others may want to incorporate a quote or symbol. Its important to understand the desired level of customization.

In addition to the memorial engravings, some manufacturers may allow you to personalize color and perforation pattern style. If youre designing an adopt-a-bench program, decide if you want to standardize such options or allow mourners to choose on an individual basis. Color and pattern have a significant impact on a benchs overall look and feel.

Buying a memorial bench provides a unique way to celebrate someones life. The flexible placement allows for more sentimentality than you can achieve with plaques in a cemetery. Just as a loved one may choose to scatter ashes in a meaningful location, they can place a bench somewhere significant. Those who pass by will notice the engraving, which will keep the deceaseds memory alive.

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Another benefit not to be overlooked is the donation itself. While decorative urns and gravestones are meaningful, memorial benches offer an opportunity for altruism. Memorial bench donations provide funds for parks, local governments, or other organizations.

A mourner can honor a departed loved one by contributing to a meaningful cause. This is similar to a funeral arranger asking for charitable donations instead of flowers. Mourners who purchase memorial benches can support a humanitarian interest while honoring someones memory.

In this way, a memorial bench benefits both the mourning family and the larger community. These benches also provide a cost-effective way for city planners or architects to beautify an area.

A place to sit and relax makes an area more popular with visitors. Benches welcome visitors to stay awhile. A lack of benches might create a hostile feeling or urge visitors to move along. Placing benches is a simple way to make an area more inviting, and a memorial bench program redistributes the cost of purchase. Everyone wins.


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