How to Choose A Suitable Raincoat And Maintain It?

Author: Doreen Gao

Aug. 22, 2022


Modern raincoat waterproof fabric pays attention to breathability. Breathable raincoats help people to evaporate the hot and humid water vapor from the raincoat when wearing the raincoat, increasing comfort.

Sometimes in heavy wind and rain, umbrellas won’t work at all. Only wearing a raincoat is more practical and letting an expert tell you how to choose a suitable raincoat and maintain it properly to extend the life of the raincoat.


Many Key Factors in Choosing a Raincoat


Whether you're a fashionista with a wardrobe the size of a mountain or a minimalist, a high-quality raincoat must be one of your must-have items. Suppose you've decided to give it a try and buy it, but which one? This may seem simple, but there are many key factors in choosing a raincoat that fits your needs and lifestyle.


• Waterproof


As you might have guessed, waterproofing implies a lower level of protection. The fabric can withstand drizzle, but using these elements for a long time is sure to make you wet. Waterproof coats may be coated with DWR (durable waterproofing agent), which is not permanent and may need re-use.

Men's Rain Jacket in Yellow Color

• Permeability


When a storm hits, you may run to a shelter and feel like you're in your personal sauna, which is not an appreciating experience. This is why the air permeability of the material is another important factor to rely on when choosing a raincoat. Measured by the degree to which warm weather evaporates from beneath the raincoat.

Lower air permeability means a raincoat will keep you warmer, but may result in an unpleasant dampness. Otherwise, higher breathability means you may need to add more layers below it to keep the body warm and warm.


• Versatility


Under what circumstances can we get a raincoat? For example, if you live a semi-active lifestyle, you might find yourself wearing a raincoat to work in case the weather forecast doesn't help or you do a little hiking on the weekend. However, if you prefer to keep fit, such as mountain climbing, kayaking or similar activities, you will need something completely different in the raincoat.


• Packaging


Ultralights, non - bulky fabrics always make raincoats easier to pack. Some raincoats go further, creating a pocket that doubles as a storage bag.

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• Other Features


Last but not least, raincoats have other functions. This includes the hood, pocket, length, etc. We found that the hood was the most important thing. Make sure it sits well and tightly, and doesn't fall off when you turn your head, because constantly fixing the hood during a rainstorm and a storm is the last thing you want. Also, check whether the raincoat can be zipped or buttoned up to the chin, and fasten the belt to tighten the hood to prevent water from getting into your collar.


Women's White PU Rain Jacket


When rain hits, pockets play a key role in keeping your stuff dry and adding extra warmth to your hands. Best of all, they should have a zipper or an additional flip cover with a snap. The inner bag is also a good choice. Some may even have headphone ports where you can listen to your favorite podcasts at work.

The length of a raincoat can be a sensitive topic, as a raincoat too short will not cover your body to allow a downpour; If the raincoat is too long, it will limit your activity, especially if you are cycling or doing housework in the garden. It is wise to look for designs that are longer on the back than the front. This way, you can maximize coverage without compromising your freedom of action.

Appropriate clothing should not be overrated. When trying out a raincoat, keep in mind that you may want to wear some warm clothes underneath. Make sure the sleeve length is correct. Raise your hand in front of you to see if your wrists are not too bare. See if the sleeves still look good with the buttoned-up sleeves. Try touching your shoulder with your other hand so that you will check if the shoulder area is not too tight.


Cleaning Tips


After the raincoat is used, it is best to wipe it with a dry cloth and then dry it naturally. Dryer is not allowed.

Don't expose the raincoat directly to the blazing sun, as the waterproof layer will often blisters and detach and lose its waterproof effect.

Do not rub the raincoat when washing it, as this will cause the PVC and nylon cloth to separate, causing air to infiltrate and foam.

If the surface of the raincoat is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not use detergent, bleach or strong alkaline soap if the water-splash coating is still on.

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