Automated seafood processing, shrimp processing equipment

Author: XMtongxue

Aug. 20, 2022


The seafood processing industry has undergone a major transition from its old-fashioned origins to largely automated operations. As a result, the seafood processing industry no longer relies on labor-intensive work. Instead, innovation and manufacturing automation are becoming the standard way of processing food. Implementing production automation systems in seafood processing plants will improve operational efficiency. Properly equipped processing plants can process more food while reducing labor and natural resource costs.


The benefits of automation

Manufacturing automation in the fish processing industry means increased efficiency. Manufacturers of seafood processing equipment are working to design automated machines that reduce labor costs, save energy and reduce health risks. Thanks to these capabilities, smart machinery has revolutionized the fish processing industry and is likely to have a more significant impact over time.

One of the most significant benefits of automation is lower labor costs. However, modern machines are not designed to completely replace humans, but to make their jobs easier and increase workplace productivity. Reducing manual handling not only helps reduce labor costs, but also helps reduce the number of hands that touch the product. Seafood is extremely sensitive to spoilage and infection, so reducing the amount of human interaction with the product is the key to better quality control.

Shrimp Cooking Machine

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Shipboard and Onshore Processing

Our automatic plate freezers feature complete frames and cylinders made of stainless steel. This enables the freezer to withstand harsh environments, such as seawater on ships, and ensures a long life and low maintenance refrigeration solution.

This also makes the freezer ideal for on-board fish processing and for land-based plants looking for a high-capacity freezing solution.

Global shrimp supplies to remain high for the foreseeable future

Shrimp processing machines and equipment will expand in global sales, as these machines can help maximize yields, effectively reduce manual contact, reduce labor costs, reduce bacterial infections, and more.

Foshan Zolim Technology Co., Ltd is a source factory specializing in the production of shrimp processing equipment, which can guarantee product quality problems.

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